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Mark Zakutansky brings us a great whitewater canoeing video featuring canoeing around the Southeast in the US of A. Footage includes the 2014 ALF Open Canoe Race on the Tellico River, the Ocoee River, Watauga River, Maury River and the Chattooga River. It even includes a carnage reel around the 6:00 mark. Enjoy!

Here is a good video we can all get behind. Ty Caldwell and friends do some great whitewater kayaking and canoeing down one of the nicest classic creek in the southeast: the Raven Fork, on a beautiful summer day. I've nearly forgot what sunshine looks like at this point but at least I can watch this and reminisce.

Nathan Zumwalt brings us a whitewater paddling video featuring two canoes and a kayak in one of the steepest gorges in North Carolina on Christmas Day. The Thompson plunges between 400 and 800 ft per mile in its final decent into the lake. The Class V run features numerous notable slides and drops including Amputator and Skatepark.

Ben Trister brings us a nice whitewater canoeing video of him on one of his favorite all-time rivers, the Little River Canyon (LRC) in Alabama. In this vid, the flow is at 450 cfs and and Ben is paddling the Blackfly Canoe Ion. Check it out.

YouTube user "McFloats" brings us an awesome video of him styling the Nantahala Cascades. Paddling a Dagger Green Boat, C-1 style, McFloats dissects the class IV-V Cascades while catching tons of eddies in the Horns of God and Big Kahuna. Intense, drop to rock hit and ducking under log around 3:05 in the vid is the highlight for me.

YouTube user Garrett Mays brings us a great whitewater canoe creeking video. The vid features class IV-V+ Suck creek outside of Chattanooga, TN. It is a drop pool style creek but with a continuous nature to it. Check it out.

Well you don't see this very often, but you should. Tad Dennis, Jordan Poffenberger, Dane Jackson and Joel McCune take a lap on the Green River narrows, C-1 style. Very cool video and watch for Jordan's soaring boof off Gorilla. Check it.

Brad McMillan brings us an awesome whitewater canoeing video. In this vid, Brad canoes the Green Truss section of the White Salmon River in Washington and Celestial Falls. The Green Truss is a challenging class V section and Celestial Falls is a 45 foot drop. Some sick open boating for sure.

The Slave River is an amazing Canadian river and every year on August long weekend, the Fort Smith Paddling Club organizes the Slave River Paddlefest. This festival has a ton of events for paddlers of all ability levels from a big air surf competition (The Edge King comp) to rolling clinics and even non-boater activities. Check it out!

Check out this cool video of Brad McMillan taking an open canoe down Oh Be Joyful in Colorado. Oh Be Joyful is one of the most popular class V creeks in Colorado and is located in Gunnison county. While only 1 mile long, there are multiple ledges/waterfalls to deal with and some huge slides. Check it.

Got another whitewater canoeing video for you. Mark Zakutansky brings us a good one featuring a collection of rivers from Ain't Louis Fest (ALF) 2013, including the Tellico, Watauga, West Prong, Crooked Fork, Eternity Hole, Maury River, and the Tohickon. Be sure to check out the outtakes and Interviews at the end.

Steve Yank brings us a great whitewater canoe video. Features some pretty epic moves (seal launch at 56 seconds in), rapids and good times. These open-boaters know how to get down. Check it out.

Ben Trister and friends took advantage of all the rain lately and decided to try something new. This is a video of a first decent of Conner Creek on Signal Mountain outside Chattanooga. Pretty cool whitewater canoeing down a seriously manky run. Check it.

Ben Trister brings us another great whitewater canoeing video. This features Ben rocking his Blackfly canoe down Suck Creek for the first time. Suck Creek is a Class IV-V+ creek near Chattanooga and apparently only 15 minutes from Ben. So jealous.

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