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The Substantial Media House guys are back with Episode 10 of their Substantial TV series. This episode is called "Hello Darkness" and highlights whitewater kayaking in the beautiful lands of the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Watch amazing footage of the group as they slay some HUGE drops and lay some serious treats. Check it!

The Substantial Media House crew are teasing a new upcoming episode called, "Peru." All of the episodes so far have been amazing and number 8 looks to be no exception. In this one, a group of whitewater misfits meet in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Join them as they drop into countless amazing canyons in search of hidden latin expeditions. Enjoy.

Clear out some time because Substantial TV is back with episode 7, entitled "Squamton." This episode features the whitewater close to one of the crew's favorite destinations, Squamish BC, which the locals call Squamton. Check out some epic footage from rivers like Ashlu Box Canyon, Mamquam Falls, Lions Bay Slide, Dipper Creek, and Fear Canyon of the Elaho in this whitewater paradise.

The Substantial Media House crew is back with a SICK trailer for Episode 7 of Substantial TV named "Squamton." During late Summer, there is seriously low water to the lower 48 states but sweet moist salvation awaits in British Columbia. One hour north of the border, Squamish, BC offers access to classic whitewater, park & hucks, missions, and box canyons. Watch the awesomeness in 240fps.

The Substantial Media House crew headed by Fred Norquist and Evan Garcia have captured whitewater kayaking action from all corners of the world to bring you the web series Substantial TV. Now, in entry #38 for the Best Short Film of the Year Awards 2013, they have compiled some of their finest moments from the 2012-2013 season. Sit back and enjoy the awesomeness.

The Substantial crew brings us day two of their Chilean whitewater adventures. Joining some Pucon locals, the crew headed to one of the country's best creeks, the Rio Nevado. With the perfect flow, they managed to put in at the top canyon and run all the way through including the "Demshitz Drop" and the committing Lower Gorge. TODO NEVADO.

Substantial Media House is bringing some daily updates from Chile to you. Pucon, Chile is known to be one of the greatest whitewater destinations of all time. When the boys arrived, it was straight to the Rio Palguin, which serves up some of the most classic and biggest whitewater in the entire country. The entire river was run with only 3 portages. Enjoy.

The Substantial Media House crew are back with arguably their best whitewater kayaking video yet! The crew headed back to Norway this year with an awesome crew, kayaks, new amazing cameras and more! They found some of the most amazing views, good times, fun and incredibly scary whitewater of their lives. Watch and follow along on their epic adventure.

Wow, been so insanely busy I totally forgot that there was a new Substantial TV teaser out. Anyway, you have got to watch the Episode 6 teaser for "Ragnarok." Norwegians use it describe something crazy and it is the perfect description for this vid. Jaw-dropping slow-mo shots, epic Norway whitewater and fire-breathing. Yeah you read that right. Check it.

Substantial Media House is back with Episode 5, "The Holy Waters." In this episode, the crew hits up whitewater mecca, the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Watch as the boys hit up the Little White Salmon, Upper Lewis, Summit Creek, Eagle Creek, Tumwater Canyon on the Wenatchee River and more! Sit back and enjoy 27 minutes of pure whitewater porn.

Substantial TV is back with a short edit from the Rio Blanco, Aregentina. Evan Garvia, his little brother Nate Garcia, Matias Nunez, and Derek Beitler drove deep into the Patagonia Mountains to run one of the most beautiful South American rivers. The Rio Blanco is 4 miles of clean class V drops and rapids with no portages and drinkable water. Amazing.

The guys at Substantial Media House have a special tasty treat for you today. They don't normally do freestyle kayaking videos but this is STAKEOUT! Enjoy some amazing wave surfing from some of the sports best at The Ruins in Ottawa. This wave is one of the greats in big wave surfing. Sit back, press play and enjoy!

Watch the Substantial crew, while based out of Pucon, explore the old classics of the area as well as finding new waterfalls. The crew then follows the Whitewater Gran Prix from Pucon to Futaleufu. After weeks of racing, and heavy rainfall the crew returns to Pucon and spend the last couple weeks of the trip enjoying the classic whitewater in the Chilean sunshine.

It's here! In the third episode of Substantial TV, the boys travel to the whitewater kayaking paradise of Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico. Check out their adventures as they paddle the Big Banana, Truchas, Roadside, and Tomatas sections of the Alseseca river, the Xico river, the upper and lower Rio Jalacingo and more.

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