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Check out this video of Liquid Logic team member Hunt Jennings tearing up the Little River Canyon (LRC) in Alabama. Hunt really seems to be dialing in his LL Flying Squirrel and this video really shows him utilizing its' great glide coming off flows. Enjoy!

So unless you are living in a cave (and maybe even then), you have probably heard about the new Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel coming out. The LL crew were nice enough to bring some to the Ocoee Fest this weekend and I got a chance to take their new creation out for a lap. Read on for our initial review of the LL Flying Squirrel 85.

Liquid Logic has been making their iconic Remix series of river running whitewater kayaks since around 2009. Although I had heard tons of great things about them, I had personally never tried one. I finally decided to change that and see just what all the fuss is about. Read on for the review!

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Looking for a great throw bag with a little bit of heft to the throw? How about something that uses smart design for when your are going to pack it away? Liquid Logic answered these questions with the creation of the Liquid Logic 75 foot Speedloader bag.

Short 2 and a half minute video of some great whitewater kayaking by Max Eberl and Thomas Engels in Austria. The guys got in 8 runs in the Lammer Gorge at around 70cm (2.3ft). Apparently the one guy was really enjoying his Liquid Remix too, which after paddling one for the first time last weekend, I can understand why.

Heck yeah! First video of the new Liquid Logic Stinger XP tearing up some whitewater. Shane Benedict takes their new beast for a ride down the Green River Narrows at 10" to test out the new boat and especially the new hatch design. Happy to say that it worked great and these bad boys are going into production now. Dying to get ours, check it!

Substantial Media House just recently picked up a few of the new Liquid Logic Stingers, the nearly 13 foot long whitewater creek racing kayaks. The Substantial guys took these bad-boys out on Callaghan River (Whistler area) for 2-3 miles of fun class IV-V boulder rapids. Man, we can't wait to get our hands on some of these boats!

Shane Benedict of Liquid Logic has been enjoying all this summer rain and is back with another epic Green Narrows video. Shane reports that the Tuxedo hydro plant is running 2 units at 100% capacity and the lake is at 100.6. Makes some big, rowdy and fast water. Awesome stuff.

It's here!!! The XP version of the awesome Liquid Logic Stinger kayak was officially announced at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. Now you can have all the speed and whitewater prowess of the normal Stinger AND have access to that huge stern for storage while being able to drop a skeg for even better tracking and speed. Can't wait to get one!

So surely by now you have at least heard about Liquid Logic testing out a new playboat. I mean we are talking a couple of years now. Well, check out this latest video where Yonton Mehler of Astral put it through its' paces. Yonton will be paddling this boat in the upcoming Freestyle Worlds. Good luck man and looking good!

Do you feel the need for speed on the water? If you started paddling in the last 10 years, you have most likely never experienced the kind of speed and grace that only a long boat can give. That is all about to change. The production model of the Liquid Logic Stinger is now for sale and shipping to the general public.

The first production Liquid Logic Stinger is out of the aluminum mold and Shane Benedict just had to go get a run in. The production Stinger has been 5 years in the making. Shane said it is awesome. Stiffer, better outfitting, silky smooth shell, bomber security bars, etc.. Shipping in June!

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