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Sierra Designs Backcountry Quilt 800 fill 2 Season

- Tuesday March 15, 2016
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As you know from reading my other reviews I'm a big fan of hammock camping. It is hands down the most comfortable way to sleep under the stars. However, as anyone that has camped in a hammock knows, when the cool weather comes, its time to insulate your hammock with a nice bag or quilt to stay warm up top,and a nice under quilt to keep your shoulders and back toasty.

My favorite sleeping bag for my hammock has been the Backcountry Bed. I have felt that as far as a sleeping bag for your hammock, it is the best. That being said, I wanted to find something that weighed less and was nice for those nights where it didn't get too cool. Since I loved Sierra Designs Backcountry bed so much, I decided to give their backcountry quilt a go.

I have been using the Sierra Design Backcountry Quilt for the past year and it has quickly become my go to for hammock camping. It has kept me warm in temperatures down to 32 degrees and has some nice features that lend itself to favor hammock camping. The foot box is great for helping you to stay wrapped up in the quilt as you get situated in the hammock. If you have ever used a sleeping bag in a hammock, then you know how hard it can be to work your way completely into the bag. With the Backcountry quilt all you have to do is hop in your hammock and stick your feet in the foot box. This definitely makes it a lot more convenient for those late night potty trip. In addition to the Foot box, there are also hand pockets. These pockets make it easier to tuck the quilt under you when you are trying to bundle up.


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Probably my favorite feature of this quilt is the built in hood. The hood does a great job keeping your head nice and warm on those cool nights. I used to always wear a wool hat for those kind of conditions but I would find most nights I would loose my hat somewhere in the hammock instead of keeping it on my head. So instead of falling back to sleep, i then would go on the quest to find where in my hammock my hat had made it to. With the hood I never have that problem. I tuck my head into the hood and I'm good all night long.

The quilt weighs in around 24 ounces. This doesn’t make it the lightest quilt on the market, but for the features of this quilt, I find the extra weight worth it for over night trips. The quilt is 78 inches, which will fit someone up to 6 foot 4inches. I am 6’ 2, weigh in around 250 and I find I have plenty of material to stay warm and tuck into. The quilt is rated to a 38 degrees comfort and 28 degrees limit. As I have mentioned, I have camped out in temperatures down to 32 degrees and the Backcountry top quilt, teamed with a under quilt kept me nice and comfortable.

This is is my go to quilt right now. So if you are the market for a quilt for your hammock, take the time to check one of these out, and if you see me by the river and want to check it out feel free to holler at me.


  • Great for hammock camping
  • Built in hood for those cool nights
  • Good price point compared to custom made quilts


  • Quilt comes in one size
  • Not the lightest quilt on the market but not one of the heaviest either



EN Comfort Limit:38oF / 3oC
EN Lower Limit:28oF / -2oC
Fits To:6 ft 4 in. / 193 cm
Fill Weight:11 oz. / 0.31 kg
Trail Weight:1 lbs 8 oz. / 0.68 kg
Length:78 in. / 198 cm
Shoulder:56 in. / 142 cm
Hip:45 in. / 114 cm
Foot:40 in. / 102 cm
Zipper Side:n/a
Stuff Sack Length:14 in. / 36 cm
Stuff Sack Width:7 in. / 18 cm


Shell Material:20D Nylon Ripstop
Liner Material:20D Nylon Taffetta
Insulation:800 Fill Duck DriDown

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