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So the Green race is coming up this Saturday and the Demshitz, along with many others, have been practicing on the Green River Narrows. P & H, Pyranha's sea kayak line, made a shit running sea kayak this year called the Hammer. The Hammer is surely not the ideal kayak to race the Green in, but it's all Dave Fusilli had and he thought it would be cool to see how it would handle. So awesome lol.

Pyranha kayaks brings us the third version of their very popular river runner, the Burn. Faster, edge where you want it not where you don't, slightly narrower, a bit longer. Check out the vid where Demshitz Craig Kleckner and David Fusilli put it through its' paces. Available in the Fall.

RaidMediaTV brings us a short video on the new version of the classic Pyranha Burn. This has been a favorite river runner for many kayakers and looks to be even better now. Faster, edge where you want it not where you don't, slightly narrower, a bit longer. Available in the Fall.

Matt Cooke brings a quick Norway edit for Team Pyranha. The full Team Tour movie will be out for Pyranha Festival. Matt gives a huge thanks to Substantial Media House for their support in Norway and to Andy Phillips David Bain and Anton Immler for some sick boating and a great final stage to our Team tour. and the Demshitz bring us a sick whitewater kayaking freestyle short video. Watch as Bren Orton and the Demshitz tear it up in their carbon Pyranha Jed playboats. The epic location is the Skookumchuck Narrows in Egmont, BC. Check it.

Pyranha has come out with their newest whitewater kayak, the Nano. The Nano is a short creek boat and has design influences from the Shiva, Jed and Burn. This is their do anything boat and it can run rivers, boof down creeks, and surf up on waves and holes. Read more to check out a video and specs.

Paddlers Bren Orton, David Wild and Brandon Hepburn put the Pyranha Jed through the paces in Nottingham. The moves these guys are pulling off are incredible, especially the combos! Freestyle kayakers are really pushing the envelope and the kayaks keep getting better and better.

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