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Pyranha Nano

- Thursday December 6, 2012
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Pyranha has come out with their newest whitewater kayak, the Nano. The Nano is a short creek boat and has design influences from the Shiva, Jed and Burn. This is their do anything boat and it can run rivers, boof down creeks, and surf up on waves and holes. Read more to check out a video and specs. 

The Medium Nano specs are:

Length: 7'2"

Width: 26"

Volume: 68 gallons

Weight: 43.2 lbs

Paddler Weight Range: 120 - 230 lbs

Medium appears to be the only size for now but accomodates a large weight range. 

Here is the Pyranha promo video

Here is another video where Demshitz members, Craig Kleckner and Mike Patterson take it for a little test drive in Colorado

For more information, check out

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