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Eno Sub7 Hammock And Helious Suspension System Review

- Sunday June 12, 2016
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Spring has sprung and while I enjoy camping year round, the season is upon us for weekly adventures into the woods. I ditched my tent years ago and currently enjoy my ENO Doublenest hammock, Profly XL and Vulcan Underquilt for camping.. While this is currently my favorite set up and it is amazingly convenient while camping near the truck or with just a short hike, my goal this year is to venture deeper into the woods for weekend backpacking trips and possibly hauling all my gear in a kayak for an overnight adventure. Much to my enjoyment, Eagles Nest Outfitters has a lightweight hammock that I thought might possibly be the option that will suit my 2016 goals best, the Sub7 Hammock.

As the name suggests, this Single Nest hammock weighs in at under 7 ounces and promises to fulfill all of my backpacking desires. Three weeks ago, I excitedly met the UPS man at the door and upon receiving the package, I was a little frightened that ENO had forgot to actually put the hammock in the box before shipping. Luckily for me, they remembered and the Sub7 really is just that light. In fact, according to the scale, it actually weighs in at 6.53 oz (the entire thing guys-no stuff sack or caribaners weighed seperately). While the hammock itself is super light weight, it still is solidly constructed and feels just as sturdy as the heavier weighted ENO products I've come to know and love. The Dyneema line appears to be living up to its name

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Having gone from a large tent straight to a DoubleNest, I was a bit concerned about going down to a single nest and how comfortable that would be for all night sleeping. I sauntered off to the nearest trees to set this puppy up and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the Sub7 truly was. I tied the dogs off to a tree and curled up with a good book and before i knew it, I had spent several hours getting to know my new light weight hammock.

Now for the true test...There's a little festival just east of Nashville called Muddy Rivers that was the perfect time for me to get some real world experience with the Sub7. My pack was far less heavy and set up was a dream. It was cold and rainy and the creek was low, but I still had an amazing nights sleep and relaxing morning coffee in the Sub7. I absolutely cannot wait to put this to use more often this summer.

The Helious Suspension System is a great way to shave off some more weight in your bag. The Straps Weight in at around 4.1 ounces.  These straps weigh less than half of ENO's other suspsension systems.  In addition the straps are extremly Easy to adjust.  These straps are whoopie slings made out of a Dyneema material.  The whoopie slings makes it extremely easy to adjust your hammock once you get it up.  Just grap one side of the line, and adjust the whoopie sling till you have the perfect hanging angle!

This hammock is the perfect addition to anyones pack. I may actually order another one to keep in my car for those times when I'm out and just decide it's a nice time to rest comfortably at an outdoor concert, a park or waiting for the shuttle bunny at the take out! SYOTR



  • Super light weight
  • Ripstop Nylon
  • Stronger than steel Dyneema 


  • Not great for the big guy. If your over 6 foot, you may want to try the new technest hammock.
  • Doesn't come in pink!
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