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Astral finally released the boot I've been asking for, to complete my wardrobe of Astral shoes for all occasions! Waterproof, rugged, stylish and amazing traction as always. Check out my review of the Astral Pisgah for the complete rundown.

Kokatat's Maximus Centurion PFD is on the Market. You guys know how much I loved the Maximus Prime PFD, so could they make a jacket that I enjoy more? What could make the Maximus Prime better? Well they listened to us paddlers and managed to make a jacket that answered the demand of us paddlers, more storage!

It’s no secret that here at WeStroke we love hammock camping. So much so that we try to enjoy it year round. However, when it's cool outside your back side is quick to get cold. So what is the best and most comfortable way to keep your hammock warm? Let us introduce you to ENO’s Vulcan Under quilt!

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As a contacts wearer and avid watersports enthusiast, I'm constantly having to deal with harsh sunlight and getting splashed in the eyes while running my favorite rapids. I've been looking for some excellent sunglasses to meet my active lifestyle and I have finally found some. Check out our review of the Julbo WAVE sunglasses.

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As avid outdoor people, we always keep an eye out for great alternative lighting solutions. Whether you are kayaking, camping, packing an emergency car kit, etc a good reliable source of light is a must-have. The new MPOWERD Luci inflatable solar light is one of the most innovative and effective multi-use lanterns we have ever seen. Check out our review of it here.

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Whether you are hiking, camping, kayaking, filming, going on the the beach, etc you probably have or need a backpack. You know what's even better than a regular backpack? A very versatile, high-quality, 100% waterproof one to keep your gear dry and safe. Check out our review of the awesome 30 Liter Grundens Gage Rum Runner.

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Here at WeStroke, we are constantly traveling from river to another. More often than not, at some point during the trip there is some rain involved. Not that it's a bad thing but you need to keep some gear dry and safe from the elements. Enter the Grunden Gage Shackelton Duffel Bag. Read on for our review.

We have been getting into the whole SUP movement here at WeStroke and adding it to kayaking as an additional way to enjoy the water. One essential piece of gear you need to Stand Up Paddleboard is a SUP specific paddle. Check out SUP Instructor Chris Gibson's review of the Global Surf Industries Trident Ultra Carbon Adjustable SUP Paddle.

If you have a best bud, river-loving dog like myself, you want to keep him safe and sound while you and he are enjoying the water. What better way to do that than get him the same quality of life jacket that you trust your own safety to. Read on for our review of the Astral Bird Dog lifejacket.

The GORE-TEX Legend Dry top is Kokatat's new premium drop top and you know how we love to test new gear here at WeStroke! This jacket features the new Jackson high-visibility color scheme along with the best material made for breathable water gear. So let us show you a legendary review of Kokatat's newest dry top.

Wow, this jacket is bright. That's probably your first thought when you look at the Kokatat Hydrus 3L Mythic Shorty Dry Top. Look beyond that safety conscious high-visibility color scheme though and you will find one of the best short sleeve dry tops on the market. Read on for our review and first impressions.

We here at WeStroke are big fans of keeping ourselves as safe as possible while enjoying our favorite rivers and creeks. No matter what your skill level, intelligence and experience, safety equipment is a big consideration. Check out our review of the 2013 Astral Designs Green Jacket Rescue PFD.

Pretty cool promo video from Palm Equipment showcasing their new Palm FX lifejackets. The lifejackets are a brand new design and look pretty bomber. Can't wait to review them. The vid also features Bren Orton killing it in his carbon playboats. Check it.

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