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Kokatat GORE-TEX Legend Dry Top Review

- Tuesday June 11, 2013
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The GORE-TEX Legend dry top is Kokatat's new premium drop top and you know how we love to test new gear here at WeStroke!  This jacket features the new Jackson high-visibility color scheme along with the best material made for breathable water gear.  So let us show you a legendary review of Kokatat's newest dry top. 

A couple weeks ago when Jackie was demoing the Kokatat Hydrus 3L Mythic on the Pigeon river, I too was trying out a new Kokatat Legend dry top.  It was a warm day with the temperature in the mid 80s, and I was concerned that I was goign to roast in my new top.  As soon as I got in the water and did a few rolls I started to notice how beathable the GORE-TEX fabric really is.  Not only did I stay confortable the whole four and a half mile paddle, but I also enjoyed a 3 hours playboat session at the end of the river!

I wanted to be sure I wasn't exagerating the beathabilty of the jacket so I decided to also wear it out this past weekend during the World Kayak Rock Island Freestyle Event.  On this day it was in the lower 70s and raining.  I had a thin base layer on underneath the top, to help with wiking.  A lot of people around me were complaining about how cold and clamy they felt in their tops.  The Legend kept me at a very comfortable temperature, and at no point did i get the clammy feeling that I have felt in other dry tops.

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I always like to show new gear to other boaters in the local community and get their thoughts and opions. Someting that they all noticed about the GORE-TEX Legend was how light and flexible it was.  Kokatat knows that they need top quality material to pull this off.  To do this they chose to use the Evolution 3.21 Nylon 3-Layer GORE-TEX to get the best durabilty, and breathiblity for the top.

Even with the GORE-TEX pro durabilty, Kokatat knows how rough paddlers are on gear.  They have also designed this jacket with Cordura in areas of high wear, or where you are most likely to scuff yourself up on a rock.

"But Mike, I got to have a black one to match my newest ride!".  Well you are in luck,  I wanted to find out the differences between the Legend and Kokatat's other premium dry top, the Rogue.  So I took some time to touch bases with one of the designers of the Legend.  There are three differences between the Rogue and the Legend. One is the style line on the arms.  The second one is the style of the neck.  The last is the obvious bright color that the Legend comes in.  So even if you don't dig the Legend's bright colors, you most definitely can find a Rogue Dry Top to match your style.

If you don't have the money's to drop on the GORE-TEX Legend, but you really dig the bright colors and new style of it, you should take the time to check out the Hydrus 3L Legend Dry Top.  This top features that bright tangerine color and is made out of Kokatat's Hydrus 3L material.  This material breaths great as well.  Jackie can tell you all about that in her Mythic Shorty review from last week!

The breathability, durability and quality of the GORE-TEX Legend dry top is top notch. Kokatat stands by this product, like many of its others, by fully guaranteeing it to the original owner for the life of the garment against defects in materials and workmanship.  So if you are looking for the best made dry top on the market you need to check the Kokatat's GORE-TEX legend Dry top.  It has the durability to last you years, and the color to get you spotted whether it be throwing a sweet trick in a play hole, or swimming a nasty spot in the river.


  • Best breathable material on the market
  • Fabric is light yet durable thanks to Cordura reinforcement where needed
  • Does not constrict movement, or bunch up
  • Front pocket provides a great place to throw a energy bar, other small items


  • Price



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