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So Jackson Kayak had a video contest for their team members. Some amazing videos were submitted and two winners have been chosen. Juanito de Ugarte is the regional winner with the video "HUANCAYA" and Hunt Jennings takes the factory win with the second decent of "God Help Me." Check out their videos here!

Wow, I have to say that is one of the better whitewater kayaking videos I have seen in a while. Some of the Jackson Kayak and GoPro athletes took some GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras and a DJI Phantom Quad copter to the classic jungles of Mexico for some epic whitewater. Beautiful scenery, amazing rapids, stellar videography and cool music make this is a much watch.

Check out the walkthrough video for the new Jackson Kayak Karma Unlimited long boat, narrated by Team JK's Clay Wright and Hunt Jennings! The Karma Unlimited is a stretched version of the awesome Jackson Kayak Karma creek boat. Looks like a great boat so go check one out for yourself and look for the Rock Garden version with skeg and hatch as well.

Eric Jackson brings us a short edit of his recent whitewater kayaking trip to Mexico. Dane, Nick, Alex, and Eric were all in their Jackson Kayak Karmas and loving them. Very cool video with some great shots courtesy of the DJI Phantom quadrocopter so check it out. Even more Mexico action coming soon too from Dane and Nick so stay tuned.

Jackson Kayak team member Hunt Jennings and OGP Productions bring us a cool whitewater kayaking video. Hunt shows us some cool local paddling spots around Chattanooga while paddling his Jackson Kayak Karma and Fun Runner. Very cool stuff.

Dane freakin Jackson. Where to even begin?... Jackson Kayak team member, son of Eric Jackson, World Freestyle Champion, 2 time (in a row) Whitewater Grand Prix champion, epic whitewater ninja... The list goes on and on. Dane never ceases to amaze on the water and his 2013 highlights video is an absolute feast for the eyes. Enjoy and be amazed.

Jackson Kayak team member Nick Troutman suffered an AC seperation and torn ligaments in his shoulder while competing in the Adidas Sickline this year. Nick took a good 2 months off but now he is happy to report that he is 99.5%! Check out some sessions on Buseater for his reintroduction to whitewater. Sick!

So Dane Jackson, of Jackson Kayak, just got back from a trip to Mexico with a crew of awesome kayakers including Rafa Ortiz. Their goal was to explore and kayak some of the seldom, or never, run sections of beautiful Mexican whitewater. Check out this clip of Dane running the 3 drops on the Truchas back to back in his Karma. Epic!

We've brought you several different Green River Race related videos so far but we're guessing you are like us and always want more! Hunt Jennings brings us a video of a full race practice run in his new Jackson Kayak Karma Unlimited long boat. While he didn't wear a GoPro in the actual race, this run came in at around the same time as his fifth place finish. Enjoy.

Jackson Kayak Team Member Nick Troutman is normally crazy busy hitting whitewater all over the world. Unfortunately a recent shoulder injury has sidelined him from the action for a bit. This has however, given him some extra freetime to put together a highlights video of his epic whitewater career/lifestyle thus far. Enjoy and hope you get better soon Nick!

So you may have heard of this little thing called the Green Race coming up tomorrow and that Jackson Kayak has been working on a new long boat, the Karma Unlimited, to compete with the Liquid Logic Stinger and the Dagger Green Boat. Well check out a quick video of Dane Jackson and Hunt Jennings from team JK training on the Green River Narrows. Looks supa fast!

So not only did Jackson come out with a new, awesome update to their Rockstar playboats, they also had carbon versions constructed by Murky Water. Watch Nick Troutman and Dane Jackson tear it up all over the US and Canada in their 2014 Jackson Kayak Carbon Rockstars. Lots of Insanely huge air and epic combo moves.

Dane Jackson from the Jackson Kayak Team brings us a short whitewater kayaking video. This Jackson crew got a chance to get some quick training in with their Karma creekboats on the Great Falls of the Potomac the day they were flying to Austria for the Adidas Sickline championship. Cool video and I absolutely love my Jackson Kayak Karma!

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