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LiquidLogic Flying Squirrel Initial Review

- Monday September 1, 2014
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As you may have seen, we recently posted a review of the Liquid Logic Remix 69. While it has been out for quite a while, it was my first experience with the boat and I absolutely loved it. Great stability, speed, maneuverability, etc. The Remix series is very popular and people try to use them wherever possible. Despite it being more of a river-runner, people like to take it creeking as well. On one of their #automaticforthepeople posts, Liquid Logic (LL) asked what everyone wanted in a new boat. The overwhelming majority answer was for a Remix type kayak that is more geared towards creeking. LL listened to their fans and have introduced their answer to the people, the Flying Squirrel.

To enhance creeking performance, Liquid Logic started with the front 1.5 feet of their long time popular creeker, the Jefe, for the bow. This gives the Squirrel a very nice bow rocker to aid in boofing, resurfacing, etc. Let me just tell you, it works REALLY well. While the Ocoee is not the greatest place in the world for grabbing some air, I was able to absolutely launch the Squirrel over rocks and even wave trains with ease. Without even trying very hard, I got the whole boat completely out of the water over the first wave in Double Trouble. It was an incredible feeling and The Flying Squirrel is very aptly named. I can't wait to try it out on some creeks soon. Everyone, get your rain dance on!

After the first foot and a half, the hull is definitely Remix. The Squirrel 85 is based on the Remix 69 and the 95 is based on the 79. You can use that to figure out which one will be the best fit for you. I am around 6', 175-180 lbs with size 11 feet and the 85 fits me perfectly. Liquid Logic then added a ton of extra volume, mostly to the deck and especially the stern. This really helps keep the boat high in the water and helps it blast through holes and out of drops. Backenders are not going to be a problem at all in this yak and resurfacing is very quick and controlled. I really felt the advantages of this as I ran down the Ocoee and felt like I was just skipping along, while still being in complete control.

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The Remix 69 comes in at 8'8" in length and the 85 Squirrel adds another inch on that to come in at 8'9". That length really helps you get some serious speed down river and just glide through and out of rapids. The Remix series is already a popular racer and I expect the Squirrel to help keep LL riders on the podium for some time to come. As a Stinger owner who has fallen in love with speed, I can seriously appreciate having some of that feeling in my Squirrel.

Despite the relatively long length of it, the Fying Squirrel has great maneuverability. You can pivot on a dime in the middle of a rapid to adjust your line and make that clutch move. The added rocker in the bow, and to a lesser degree the stern, really helps with that and adds a bit of Stomper feel and look to it. Edges have been softened a bit, which will help with creeking but you can still carve into eddies with no problem. 

A few more misc details about the Fying Squirrel: Outfitting is the tried and true Bad-Ass Outfitting. Super comfortable and durable. Plastic seems very thick and sturdy to stand up to some serious abuse. Weight comes in around 49 lbs for the 85, 51 for the 95. Volume gallons are in the name, 85 and 95, but pretty sure Liquid Logic is being a bit conservative on those figures. For hull type, I'm gonna say semi-planning. 

I could go on and on about the Flying Squirrel but I'm going to wrap up this initial review for now and post more of my impressions after I've had it out on some more serious and varied runs. Just know this, the people have spoken and Liquid Logic has listened. There is a crazy amount of buzz and excitement over this new design and wherever there was a Flying Squirrel at Ocoee Fest, there was a mob of people clamoring to check it out. You wanted a creeking Remix and by god, Liquid Logic has delivered. Get your squirrel on when they are up for sale on October 1st, via the LL factory and website!

P.S. Sorry for no action shots but this first run was mostly for me. :) We will get some more photos and some video of it in action soon!


Flying Squirrel 85:

- Length: 8'9"

- Width: 25.5"

- Weight: 49 lbs

- Volume (gallons): 85

- Cockpit size: XL

- Paddler Weight Range: 120-220 lbs

Flying Squirrel 95: 

- Length: 8'11.5"

- Width: 26.5"

- Weight: 51 lbs

- Volume (gallons): 95

- Cockpit size: XL

- Paddler Weight Range: 170-270 lbs

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