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EJ's 2013 All Star Review

- Tuesday August 14, 2012

Eric Jackson himself has sounded off in a review on the new 2013 Jackson All Star. Much like in Clay Wright's review that I posted before, he seems astounded by the speed, release, usability, etc.

You can read the full review for yourself at the link below but I'll list off a few highlights here:

- Amazing hull speed. This is going to be one amazing wave boat. Easier to catch a wave and do tricks that were previously not possible in prior boats. 

- Great release. Makes it easier to do clean blunts, etc. 

- Higher parting line. Helps running the river and keeping your edges out of the water.

- Lower seating. Apparently a better river runer than the 2010 All Star and WAY better than the Rockstar. 

- HUGE loops. Partially due to increased volume in the nose.

- Each size fits a slightly larger person. If you are in a Mon-Star, try the new Super Star. If you were in a Super Star, try the new All Star, etc. I personally am in a new Rockstar M and wishing I had a little bit more junk in the trunk to keep my stern out of the water. I believe the slight increase in volume (1.5) and slightly longer length (1.5") will help me out immensely.

The new Star series looks like a great new design and I personally can't wait to take one out. Look for a full, in-depth review from me soon when I get my hands on a new demo.

Check out the full review at

Click here to see the 2013 All Star promo video

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