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Liquid Logic Remix XP9 Review

- Thursday August 16, 2012
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To give you a brief introduction, I am a 5'1", 110lb woman. Canoeing is where my first boating experiences began, however now I am all about white water kayaking. My first boat was a Liquid Logic XP9, which I LOVED. In my opinion, it is the perfect boat to learn to kayak in. Not only is the XP9 extremely stable, it is also a very forgiving boat. These two features are a blessing when just learning to kayak. New to the boating world, I was still learning the basics, paddling in a straight line, pulling in and out of eddy's…basics. The XP9 really helped give me the confidence to practice and get beter.

Not only is the XP9 confidence-inspiring, it's a very versatile boat. While it can handle big water and plows through rapids with the best of them, it can also do flat water. Paddle flat water in a white water boat you say? Yes. Liquid Logic equipped the XP with a spring loaded skeg, which keeps you tracking in a straight line instead of veering to the left or the right as a whitewater boat normally tends to do. The skeg is activated by turning the handle on the right-side of the cockpit. This is a far superior setup than some other hybrid boats like the Pyranha Fusion and Jackson Rogue. Also, due to the design and profile of the XP it really cuts through the water which helps increase its speed. This makes paddling those long stretches of flat water between rapids a breeze and allows you to take it to the lake and fish if you want. This is definitely a true 'crossover' kayak.

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Now to the outfitting. The XP9 comes equipped with Liquid Logic's bad-ass outfitting. As I'm sure you have probably heard, it is some of the most comfortable in the industry and gives real, all-day comfort. Besides the stellar outfitting, there is a dry hatch. The XP9 and XP10 offer this "dry" storage compartment to put all your gear or camping supplies in - A definite plus. It never failed, due to the convenience of the dry hatch, my boat soon became the boat to carry everyone’s belongings; between coolers, water bottles, dry bags…all fit nicely into the large hatch, which was easily accessible.


- Extremely stable

- Very versatile. Take it in white water or flat water

- Good storage space for expeditions, camping, etc.


- With my petite size and the 9'3" length of the XP9 it is challenging for me to maneuver around rocks quickly. Of course, this is mainly only evident if you try and take your XP9 creeking, which I did on occasion. It's really meant to be a medium/big water vessel and the XP9 and 10 are seen traversing the Grand Canyon quite often. Class 5 big water rapids? The XP is all over it and still make it easy on you during the calm stretches.

- The dry hatch doesn't exactly stay "dry". If you have a 2011 XP9, contact Liquid Logic and they should send you an updated hatch that seals better.  Even then, keep precious belongings in a dry bag as well to be safe.

All in all the XP9 is a great boat and I highly recommend it for anyone who is just learning to kayak, has kayaked for years or wants a boat that is extremely versatile. This really is a boat that can do it all.

Check out the video from Liquid Logic below and the photo gallery (sorry about the low quality pics)

See you on the river :)

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