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North Fork of the French Broad

- Wednesday April 17, 2013

Seth Scott brings us a cool short video entitled "North Fizzle of the French Dizzle." In this vid, Scott and friends are charging down the North Fork of the French Broad. Looks absolutely beautiful and a blast to run.  

For information on the North Fork of the French Broad, go to American Whitewater. Be careful and be sure to scout this run as there is a 2 day old warning about wood at Island Rapid. "At Island, there are two logs forming an X across the main drop of the right line. This wood is new since the rain on 4/11/13. One boat was/is (don't know when it was recovered) pinned completely under water on 4/13/13. The left channel around island is open. Far left there is a log blocking the entrance that you can limbo under. Center, at the top of the island, there is a small left entrance that leads to the left side of the island. You can always walk on the river right trail. DO NOT MESS WITH THIS SIEVE."

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