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Minnesota's Forbidden fruit

- Friday May 24, 2013

There is a creek that precariously meanders through the most arduous private property along Lake Superior's North Shore. This river is filled with mystery, from a elusive put in, linked slide to slide to waterfall, a cold dark interior, and blatantly private property at the take out. This is Minnesota's Forbidden Fruit and Chris Baer has tasted it's sweetness. 


Be sure to go and check out Chris Baer's full trip report at He did a lot of research, talked to the locals, ran things blind to avoid scouting on private land, etc. There are obvious risks to this run in regards to your safety as well as pissing off the landowners. The morale of this story is don't f it up for future paddlers.

Click here for more awesome whitewater videos from Chris Baer and

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