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Check out this recap of the Red Bull sponsored Neilson River Race, 2013 - on May 19th. Twenty-two kayakers participated in this bad-ass river race with abnormally high water levels and seven Class IV-V rapids to see who was going to win the challenge.

Our hearts go out to all of the residents of Boulder and the rest of the northern Front Range of Colorado who have been dealing with the thousand year flood there. Some kayakers however are making the best of it and here is some POV footage of a high water Boulder Creek run from YouTube user Riley Frank.

Liam Fournier brings us a look at a teaser for his new project for the Aquabatics film festival. Shot on location in Alberta, B.C., California and Washington, follow Liam and friends on some of the most classic stretches of whitewater on the west side of the continent. Can't wait to see the full film.

Check out the second episode of the "Made In Canada" web series. In this vid, Made In Canada honors the Taureau through the words of Claude Page who, more than any other, embodies the river’s legendary status. The Taureau section of Quebec's Jacques-Cartier River has been hailed as a classic for years.

Mike McKay of Five2Nine Productions visits some of Canada's classic whitewater runs to capture both the rivers and the local paddlers who know them best. Episode 1 of the Made in Canada series features a Quebec crew kayaking their home river, the Neilson. Enjoy.

Vimeo user Nick Horwood brings us a great whitewater kayaking video called "Some Time in the North." This vid features GoPro footage from whitewater kayaking in Norway, including the first descent of the Upper Upper Eiteraaga. Check it out.

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Something a bit different for you today... For those that were wondering what Zambezi kayaking legend, Oli Feuillette were up to lately, here it is: he has been working on a project for the past few years – a human powered submarine. So freaking awesome. Check it.

Check out a short version of the full length movie, High Himalayan Adventures, coming out in October. In November of 2012, an international team of paddlers set out for Langu Khola, in the recently opened Dolpo region of Nepal. It took them a month to complete the mission, trekked over 15,000 ft passes for 9 days and paddled class 5 rapids. Epic.

Ryan Lucas brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video from his sweet Sunday afternoon paddling the classic Ashlu Canyon. This Class V run of clean bedrock in a deep box canyon is located in Squamish, British Columbia and is the signature run of southwest BC. Check it.

Vimeo user Simon Braun brings us a great little video of his run down Bailey Canyon from this year's 2013 Bailey Fest, back in August. Bailey Fest is annual whitewater gathering held on the North Fork South Platte River in Colorado. Looks like a ton of fun.

Vimeo user Chris Kayley brings us a great video where 5 kayakers go for 26 days of whitewater kayaking in the French and Italian Alps. Good soundtrack, great paddling and awesome whitewater make this another stellar video from Chris. Be sure to check it out.

Check out this extremely well done video highlighting the 2013 Payette River Games at Kelly's Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho. Not only is the park recognized by many of the top athletes as one of premier whitewater destinations, there is plenty of other things to do there as well. Definitely on my short list of must-visit destinations.

WOW, the 2013 World Freestyle Championships are over at the Nantahala river and what a ride! The world's top freestyle kayakers and squirt boaters really gave it their all this past week/weekend and put on one hell of a show. Check out the final results and congrats to all who participated and a big thank you to those who put so much work into making it a show to remember.

Check out this cool whitewater kayaking video done by Lee Visual. The vid shows kayaker Kim Becker tearing up the river creekboating as she day dreams about her favourite thing, kayaking. Beautifully shot on Canon Creek, the Lewis and Wind River in Washington.

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