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The guys and gals over at the GDI Facebook group bring us a new video called Telliho. As you might have guessed, it features a bunch of openboaters kicking it on the Tellico River. Very cool stuff and boofs galore. Check it out.

We posted a pic yesterday on our Facebook page of a canoe getting huge air on a ski slope (see below). It looked like it couldn't possibly end well and we just had to know so we found some video of the event. Well... we don't want to spoil it but carnage sure is a whole lot of fun to watch. Check it.

Check out a great video of some whitewater kayak and canoe action on Dukes Creek near Helen Georgia. Dukes is a tight Class V steep creek and should only be tried by those with the skills. If you do venture out to this run, be respectful and be wary of rangers.

Ben Trister brings us a cool video showcasing the Blackfly Ion whitewater canoe. The Ion is the original down-river play canoe and you can see that it lives up to that. Rivers featured in the vid include the Tellico and Ocoee rives. Check it.

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