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Liquid Logic Prototype Playboat Testing

- Tuesday August 14, 2012
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Are you excited about the new Liquid Logic playboat prototype like we are? Well we have grabbed up a bunch of information for you to wet your appetite. 

Liquid Logic team member Jordan Poffenberger has been testing out the new composition prototype in C-1 form this year. While not a lot is known about the final configuration of the boat (composite only or plastic as an option, etc) he did confirm that it would be sold mainly as a K-1 boat and that he outfitted to C-1 himself. Apparently this was because he is more used to C-1 and give better feedback on how it edges and performs, which makes sense.

Check out the videos below to see all we know about the mysterious playboat from Liquid Logic.





Check out these links as well for some really cool photos Shane Benedict took of the boat with Instagram: 


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