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Kayak on your belly with Bellyak

- Wednesday August 15, 2012

Update: Check out our hands-on review at /blog/2012/10/5/review-of-frequency-and-play-bellyaks/

Adam Masters came up with a way to enjoy kayaking from your stomach.  His ideal came from chopping up his existing his old kayaks, filling them with foam and homing them into a surfable, river running belly boat.  The boats have a concave design, and foot pegs to help lock you in, so it is more of a boat than just another board.

The Frequency is based off of longboard surfboard and is more of a river running Bellayak.  The Play series is going to be more of a freestyle bellyak making tricks, squirts and spins easier.

The Frequency video is below, followed by the Play.

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