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CKS Blog Reviews the Badfish Inflatable MCIT

- Thursday August 23, 2012
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CKS Blog just posted a review of the Badfish Inflatable MCIT.  Spoiler Alert: They LOVE it! Why, you ask? Well, let's hit a few of the highlights and then send you on over to the CSK Blog site for the full review. 

A lot of the reason why Badfish inflatable boards are so popular is because of Multi Chamber Inflatable Technology (MCIT).  This tech not only gives the board the stability that people crave from their SUPs, it also STILL provides great speed and maneuverability.  While the board is pretty wide by SUP standards at 35" (on the 10'6") and has a flat surface, the axial stabilizing tubes on the edges are actually round.  This allows for more stability and less drag on the water.  The fact that the deck of the board is recessed or lower than the rounded edges also increases the stability.  A tapered tail enables the board to turn quickly as well.

In addition, the MCIT was built with fun in mind.  It has its widest point in front of the rider to allow for small children, pets, etc to ride along too. That plus the great primary and secondary stability really make this great for families.

The MCIT, like a lot of other boards, also has multiple fin options.  You can pop on an 8" for touring or a 4" for the river. Some people opt for a custom 2" for river running as well. 

For the above reasons and many more, CKS reports that the MCIT is their most popular SUP in their rental fleet.  After comparing it to others, it is easy to see why. We contacted Badfish to see about a demo and we will be hooking up with team rider Mike Tavares soon to do our own review.  Look for it soon! 

Check out the promo video below and hit the Source to check out the full review over at

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