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Stohlquist BetSea Life Vest Review

- Thursday August 23, 2012
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To give you a brief description of myself, I’m a relatively small woman at 5’1, 110lbs. I wear the Stohlquist BetSea life vest and love it. This vest was truly designed with a woman’s figure in mind with its built in supportive cups that do just that, support, not crush your bust; this making the vest extremely comfortable. The high waistline cut and cross-chest cinch harness eliminates any ride-up for a better fit. The vest also has two large front zippered pockets, perfect for storage, a snack or like me…collecting pretty shells along my water adventures. Hey I’m a girl :)

My favorite feature with this vest is the lined hand warmer pockets. These are amazing on those chilly river adventures. I laugh every time I get off the river, hands toasty in my pockets…as the boys glare at me with envy; their hands cold to the harsh winter elements.

But does this vest keep me afloat? Absolutely. With a buoyancy level of 16lbs. 10 oz, this vest does exactly what it is meant to do. The extra wide arm holes also provide maximum mobility for your arms - which is a must when swimming down the river or carrying your boat in rugged terrain. I highly recommend this PDF for women.

See you on the river.

Check out the video below and go to for more information about the Stohlquist BetSea PFD.

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