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GORE-TEX Kokatat Rogue Dry Top Review

- Thursday March 6, 2014
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Dry! If I were to pick one word to describe this dry top it would definitely be the
word “dry.” Now this may seem redundant as it is a dry top, however if you paddle you know that dry tops are hardly ever dry, especially if you playboat.  The Kokatat Gore-Tex Rogue dry top is an exception.  This dry top is tough and actually keeps you dry!

I used this dry top for the first time while I was in Colorado, training for the Lyon’s Outdoor Games. I was pleasantly surprised to get out of the water at the end my playboating sessions completely dry. My shorts were dry, my shirt was dry and there wasn’t a drop of water in my boat. Now I can’t promise this will always be the case because other pieces of gear can and will leak, but your Kokatat dry top will keep you dry.

I would like to explain why Gore-Tex is such a worth it investment. This dry top uses Evolution 3.21 Nylon 3-Layer GORE-TEX to get the best durability and breathability. This is probably the best waterproof material on the market, however Gore-Tex is more than just a waterproof membrane used to make the highest quality extreme sport equipment. It is also a guarantee that the product you buy is going to be the best and withstand the most out of any product you ever buy. Every company that uses the Gore-Tex fabric must send their product in to Gore-Tex to be tested. The tests don’t only test whether the product is water or wind proof but they also test its durability and water/wind proof-ness over time through a process of challenging tests to make sure that any product that says Gore-Tex is going to be worth the extra money you pay for it.

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I think this dry top is a must purchase for every boater that wants to continue to
boat safely and comfortably during the colder months or on the colder rivers. It will
keep you warm and dry for the best paddling experience.

If you are looking for something a little brighter check out the Kokatat Legend Dry Top.  Its practically the same jacket, but has some different styling and is a brighter color.



  • Best breathable material on the market
  • Fabric is light yet durable thanks to Cordura reinforcement where needed
  • Does not constrict movement, or bunch up
  • Front pocket provides a great place to throw a energy bar, other small items


  • Price
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