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New Wavesport creeker the Recon

- Wednesday August 15, 2012

Wavesport has an introduced a new creeker called the Recon to their lineup that was unveiled at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show.  The Recon will replace the Habitat as the companies new Steep Creeker.  

Boofability (yeah it's a word), stability, manueverability and speed were the key objectives of this design. Looks like they've done a good job reaching those goals. The Recon looks sweet and the shorter length will help paddlers traverse even the steepest, mankiest creeks. We will get our hands on one and post a review soon. 

Read some of the specs below, hit up the Wavesport link for more information and check out the sweet promo video.

Recon 70
weight range: 80-150 lbs
boat weight: 47 lbs
volume: 70 gal
width: 25.5" length: 7'9"

Recon 83
weight range: 140-200 lbs
boat weight: 50 lbs
volume: 83 gal
width: 26.5" length: 8'3"

Recon 93
weight range: 180-275 lbs
boat weight: 52 lbs
volume: 93 gal
width: 27" length: 8'8"

Click here for more Wavesport Recon Info




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