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Daniel Patrinellis and Adrian Wigston made the trip to Leavenworth for the last weekend of Oktoberfest and some whitewater kayaking. He writes that the recent warm weather and light rains had brought Tumwater up to a decent level. Great video and looks like fun times were definitely had.

Ever heard of Zet Kayaks, based in the CZECH Republic? Possibly not but they are all over the place in whitewater competitions, videos, etc. Especially races. Ben Marr rides them as well. Check out this short video showing some Zet kayaks in action.

The boys are at it again! Evan Garcia and Fred Norquist document their travels and experiences through a new online web series featuring some of the worlds most spectacular and dangers rivers. Seeing as how everything else they've put out is amazing, this is really exciting!

The Boone Crew getting rowdy in the southeast during Spring of 2012. Video highlights some great whitewater kayaking and creeking on the Tallulah, Watauga, Laurel Fork, Cheoah, North Harper, Raven Fork, Mill Creek, New Dries, etc.

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While the Middle TN area is a very nice place to live, there are not a lot of local outdoor gear shops. The few that are around also don't really cater to the whitewater community. Chances are that you have had to order tons of stuff online without seeing it in person, you get very few chances to demo different boats, etc. Well, Outdoor Experience in Cookeville is your savior.

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I have seen a lot of great Fail videos and some of them involve kayaking. That being said, I think this is one of the best/worst ever. Talk about seal launch gone wrong...

Paddlers Bren Orton, David Wild and Brandon Hepburn put the Pyranha Jed through the paces in Nottingham. The moves these guys are pulling off are incredible, especially the combos! Freestyle kayakers are really pushing the envelope and the kayaks keep getting better and better.

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