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Alright who's ready for some good old whitewater kayak carnage? Everyone right? The Quebec Connection brings us a carnage video that they put together from the not so great moments this season. Oh and don't worry, they say no one was seriously hurt during the making of this.

The Balls Deep Productions guys bring you a stout thanksgiving edit. Filmed on Eagle Creek in Oregon, the boys are charging hard and don't think they missed out on their turkey day meal. Praise Jah and give thanks to Stouts!

This frenchman is a fighter! The Doctor said he wouldn't paddle again after breaking his back. Two years later he has won his second AWP World Series title. Congrats to you Eric! Video features the Gave de Cauterets river.

On a little break from trotting the globe, Team Substantial was in Bozeman, MT preparing for an upcoming Mexico trip. After realizing that the Malad River in Southern Idaho was at a good level for running the Devil's Washbowl, the crew headed out to run the substantial stout.

Palo and Tomo Andrassy present a short edit of a trip in Norway this year. Rocking some ZET Kayaks, they are charging hard in this video. Whitewater kayakers the world over dream about running the brown in Norway. So beautiful and so substantial.

Lac St. Jean's own Louis-Philippe Rivest brings us a video of him running some great lines through some huge water in his 2012 highlight video. He has been working hard over the last few years advancing his skills in the whitewater of the Rivière Mistassibi outside of Dolbeau, Quebec. Check it.

Martin Vollen brings us "One for the road," the final episode of Striestrømmer television for 2012. This Norwegian whitewater kayaker has been killing it! Rivers in the video include the Visa, Finna, Tessa and Stordalselva.

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