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Zipper messed up on your tent, sleeping bag, wet suit, jacket, etc? You probably figure your only option is to just throw it away. That's what I thought but I was oh so wrong. FixnZip to the rescue! Read more to find out how this little product saved the day.

Check out Shon Bollock testing out a custom made GoPro mount called the Spinny. As you can see from the video, it makes for some awesome shots. That being said, it does look pretty dangerous and just ripe for a head entrapment so be careful if you decide to make one for yourself.

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While the Middle TN area is a very nice place to live, there are not a lot of local outdoor gear shops. The few that are around also don't really cater to the whitewater community. Chances are that you have had to order tons of stuff online without seeing it in person, you get very few chances to demo different boats, etc. Well, Outdoor Experience in Cookeville is your savior.

We have spent some quality time with Astral Buoyancy's first foray into the footwear industry. Read our Astral Brewer review to find out the verdict of whether these should be your next kayaking shoes or not.

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